Thursday, July 29, 2010

More friends every Wednesday

Wednesdays are new girl night, and I help out at practice. The new skaters say I am very encouraging, inspiring, that I am helpful and put them at ease and give them confidence.

Really, I have no idea what they are talking about. But whoever they are describing, that person sounds pretty nice.

I enjoy working hard with these ladies, and everytime we start a new round of recruits coming to practice, it's like a chance to make new friends and help them on their derby journey. I am not some benchmark on how to be the best derby player, as I am very, very far from being mediocre, in my own humble opinion, but I do have a stockpile of determination and sticktoitiveness to share. Often the mental acrobatics we put ourselves through hamper us from achieving amazing physical acrobatics, so perhaps that is how I serve them best, by negating the mental obstacles that slow us in our goals.

Or, at the least, I am there to be a friendly face.

So, here's to more friends every Wednesday.


  1. you are inspiring and pretty awesome.
    But, most of all- you are approachable and kind to those of us who don't have it together yet. You make everything seem attainable with hard work. You are the reason many of us think we can do this- you know just what to say when I'm ready to quit to cheer me up and make me feel like I can do it! Can't even explain how much you've helped me, lady!!!!

  2. I just started following your blog and I have to say, I wanted to join this past spring, but a hysterectomy got in the way. I'm well on the way to healing and derby is my next goal. I feel if I can do derby, then I can do anything! I look forward to meeting you someday!