Saturday, October 16, 2010

Ala biblioteca

Last week I started volunteering at the library, in preparation for my studies for a library science master's degree.

I have always enjoyed going to the library but I am really having a blast volunteering for them.

The Toms River headquarters of the Ocean County Library has an extensive collection of everything, and I've been assigned to volunteer with the Sheet Music librarian.


I love music, really, across genres and time. Who else do you know who likes both Stephen Foster and Faith No More?

This volunteerism is perfect for me. I thank my lucky stars that they stuck me here. I could be helping in the tax code reference library, for example.

Today I helped sort a large pile of donated sheet music. Much of it was original sheet music from the 1930s-1960s. There was one Cole Porter song, loads of 1940s Irish music, a half dozen songs with 'moonlight' in the title and a 1895 copy of Ave Maria. I had to compare whether this was a different version than the version on file already. In many cases the donated copy was a song title not even in the library collection. Hey this is extremely exciting stuff for me.

What is also reassuring is that I am enjoying and succeeding at these tasks, which in turn encourages me in my dreams of becoming a librarian.

I am off Tuesday and am going to poke in that day and see what random task my supervisor has for me. She is just so thrilled I am there because most of her colleagues do not know how to read music and I've been a real detective in helping the collection already.

At my first volunteer session I had to figure out what this mystery song was and put it in page order. It was a 20-page song from the Broadway version of Legally Blonde, a play I have never seen or heard a note of, but because I know who Elle Woods is and can read music, now the library patrons have a proper version to use.
In that same evening I had to process a bunch of ukulele and banjo music. It apparently was very popular as so much of the sheet music dated from the 1930s-1950s was arranged for those two instruments. Who knew.

Anywho what might be the most direct consequence of my volunteerism at the library is I might finally set aside the time to finally learn how to play the uke and banjo. My grandfather knew how to play and I always wanted to learn. After he died I discovered all his old sheet music, including one for "I only have eyes for you" which is my parent's wedding song. The framed copy I gave my parents now hangs in the Galioto hallway.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

I said, doctor, Mister MD

Off to the doctors. Knee. Still hurts.

Doc says, really, still hurts? Time for an MRI. Oh, and get this, and this, and this checked out.

So now I have three separate visits for this, that and the other thing. I have a bum knee, a marble-sized cyst in my leg, and moles of suspicion. That's more than three places on my body that might need carving up.

I am of course sad; I just want to be healthy and spend time doing the things I enjoy. This time of year, I enjoy bike rides. And this time last year, I successfully trained for my first 5k and a roller derby championship game.

This year, I won't be besting my time on that AC 5K, which breaks my heart. And I will likely be benched for the championship roller derby bout in November, which breaks my heart something fierce.

Hmmm, broken heart. That too, huh? Boy this list of physical ailments is getting long. I am starting to resemble the poor figure on the board game Operation.

Monday, October 11, 2010

In case there was any doubt.

Me: Look at this, Snuggie commercial, now with a play on the Macarena tune. It’s like a fad on top of a fad.
Dad: (sings) Hey It’s a Snuggie!
Mom: (enters) It’s cold out there! I just want to stay inside and stay warm and cozy.
Me: You need a Snuggie!
Dad: Yeah, right. Your mother would never do that.
Me: You could be all warm and wrapped up. I bet they even have NFL licensed ones these days so you could have a ‘49ers one and everything!
Dad: We’d have to have a Giants one too.
Mom: Those things are so stupid!
Me: It’s like the perfect thing for you! You are always looking for a blanket.
Mom: I don’t want one!
Me: Well, it would be something Aunt Mary would definitely buy you.
Dad: Ha!
Me: I mean, something she would buy for anybody. It is the type of thing she would buy a lot of and hand them out to everyone and maybe we’d all unwrap them at the same time or something.
Mom: I hate those things! How are you supposed to MOVE in them? Or go to the bathroom!
Me: Mom it’s just a blanket with sleeves. It’s not a straightjacket or a sleeping bag. People go on themed pub crawls with them.
Mom: I don’t want to do that either!
Me: Ok I am just saying you can definitely poop in your Snuggie.