Thursday, July 8, 2010

My high school poetry

I wrote this and it was published in Reflections, my high school "literary magazine." Prolly circa 1996-1997. I am trying to remember what sort of pain I was in that caused me to write this poem back then, and can't quite remember. I do recall being told I had a slight curvature in my spine. Maybe this was my reaction to that.

Chiropractor Conspiracy?
By Catherine Elizabeth Galioto

When I wake up in the morning
There's an ache I can't explain
I can't find reason or warning
Why I suffer from back pain.

Insomnia? It cannot be;
I'm dreaming well past five.
Though I get to bed quite early,
When I wake I writhe and writhe.

Is there something I don't know 'bout?
Ain't I just sleeping in my bed?
This is a mattress, have no doubt.
This a pillow 'neath my head!

Am I a sleep-walker of some sort?
Or a sleep-weightlifter, too?
Do I have sleep miles to report?
Is this what makes my back askew?

While I have my peaceful sleeping
And the earth is draped in black
Is there someone out there creeping
Doing evil to my back?

Though I've come to no conclusion
I am tired, and it's late.
It's not sleep that is my prison:
It's the waking up I hate.

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