Monday, October 11, 2010

In case there was any doubt.

Me: Look at this, Snuggie commercial, now with a play on the Macarena tune. It’s like a fad on top of a fad.
Dad: (sings) Hey It’s a Snuggie!
Mom: (enters) It’s cold out there! I just want to stay inside and stay warm and cozy.
Me: You need a Snuggie!
Dad: Yeah, right. Your mother would never do that.
Me: You could be all warm and wrapped up. I bet they even have NFL licensed ones these days so you could have a ‘49ers one and everything!
Dad: We’d have to have a Giants one too.
Mom: Those things are so stupid!
Me: It’s like the perfect thing for you! You are always looking for a blanket.
Mom: I don’t want one!
Me: Well, it would be something Aunt Mary would definitely buy you.
Dad: Ha!
Me: I mean, something she would buy for anybody. It is the type of thing she would buy a lot of and hand them out to everyone and maybe we’d all unwrap them at the same time or something.
Mom: I hate those things! How are you supposed to MOVE in them? Or go to the bathroom!
Me: Mom it’s just a blanket with sleeves. It’s not a straightjacket or a sleeping bag. People go on themed pub crawls with them.
Mom: I don’t want to do that either!
Me: Ok I am just saying you can definitely poop in your Snuggie.

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