Thursday, October 14, 2010

I said, doctor, Mister MD

Off to the doctors. Knee. Still hurts.

Doc says, really, still hurts? Time for an MRI. Oh, and get this, and this, and this checked out.

So now I have three separate visits for this, that and the other thing. I have a bum knee, a marble-sized cyst in my leg, and moles of suspicion. That's more than three places on my body that might need carving up.

I am of course sad; I just want to be healthy and spend time doing the things I enjoy. This time of year, I enjoy bike rides. And this time last year, I successfully trained for my first 5k and a roller derby championship game.

This year, I won't be besting my time on that AC 5K, which breaks my heart. And I will likely be benched for the championship roller derby bout in November, which breaks my heart something fierce.

Hmmm, broken heart. That too, huh? Boy this list of physical ailments is getting long. I am starting to resemble the poor figure on the board game Operation.

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